Prosocial Repertoire Mediates the Effects of Gratitude on Prosocial Behavior

Keywords: gratitude, prosocial behavior, thought-action repertoire, emotion induction


Gratitude promotes prosocial behavior, but little is known about the psychological mechanisms that underpin this relationship. We examined whether the prosocial repertoire mediates the effects of gratitude on prosocial behavior. Participants were assigned to either a gratitude group or neutral group. We carried out emotion induction manipulation by recalling autobiographical memories and required participants to write prosocial repertoires they intended to do for others. One week later, participants had to report all the prosocial behaviors they engaged in during that period. The results indicated that the number of prosocial repertoires and prosocial behaviors in the gratitude group were higher than in the neutral group. Importantly, our results demonstrated that prosocial repertoires mediated the effects of gratitude on prosocial behavior. Our results suggest that prosocial repertoire is the crucial cognitive component involved in the relationship between gratitude and prosocial behavior.

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