Vol 8, No 2 (2017)

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Original Articles

Random Drift and Design Creativity: Evolution of Drawings in the Laboratory PDF
Minoru Matsui, Kenta Ono, Makoto Watanabe 24-27
Stylized and photographic eye images do not increase charitable donations in a field experiment PDF
Paul Lennon, Rachel Grant, V. Tamara Montrose 28-31
Mentalizing, but not autistic traits, predicts religious belief in a sample of healthy Japanese youth PDF
Tatsunori Ishii 32-35
Does Perceived Vulnerability to Disease Predict Life-History Strategy in Japanese Adults? PDF
Ryo Oda 36-39
Parental Condition and Infant Sex at Birth in the Japan Environment and Children’s Study: A Test of the Trivers–Willard Hypothesis PDF
Masahito Morita, Tohshin Go, Kyoko Hirabayashi, Toshio Heike, Japan Environment and Children's Study Group 40-44
Selfishness is attributed to men who help young women: Signaling function of male altruism PDF
Yuta Kawamura, Takashi Kusumi 45-48

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