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Letters on Evolutionary Behavioral Science (LEBS) is an online, open access peer-reviewed journal that publishes brief and interesting articles that deal with evolutionary studies on human behavior. The scope of LEBS is vast: publishing research in any area of human evolutionary behavioral science as well as studies on humanities. Articles reporting findings on other species will be welcomed if their relevance to the human animal is apparent. In particular, LEBS welcomes studies that replicate previous findings and eagerly anticipates submissions from Asian and Oceanian researchers.


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Vol 8, No 2 (2017)

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Original Articles

Random Drift and Design Creativity: Evolution of Drawings in the Laboratory PDF
Minoru Matsui, Kenta Ono, Makoto Watanabe 24-27
Stylized and photographic eye images do not increase charitable donations in a field experiment PDF
Paul Lennon, Rachel Grant, V. Tamara Montrose 28-31
Mentalizing, but not autistic traits, predicts religious belief in a sample of healthy Japanese youth PDF
Tatsunori Ishii 32-35
Does Perceived Vulnerability to Disease Predict Life-History Strategy in Japanese Adults? PDF
Ryo Oda 36-39
Parental Condition and Infant Sex at Birth in the Japan Environment and Children’s Study: A Test of the Trivers–Willard Hypothesis PDF
Masahito Morita, Tohshin Go, Kyoko Hirabayashi, Toshio Heike, Japan Environment and Children's Study Group 40-44
Selfishness is attributed to men who help young women: Signaling function of male altruism PDF
Yuta Kawamura, Takashi Kusumi 45-48

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