Letters on Evolutionary Behavioral Science, Vol 3, No 1 (2012)

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Guitar increases male facebook attractiveness: Preliminary support for the sexual selection theory of music

Sigal Tifferet, Ofir Gaziel, Yoav Baram


Music is a universal phenomenon that has genetic and brain-localized features. As such, it warrants adaptive evolutionary explanations. While some scholars believe that music arose as a by-product of other adaptations, others argue that music is likely to have served some adaptive function, for example in coalition signaling or mother-child bonding. The sexual selection theory of music suggests that music serves as a signal in mate selection. While this claim is prevalent, it lacks empirical evidence. A facebook experiment revealed that women replied more positively to friendship requests from a man shown in a photo holding a guitar. These results offer initial support for the sexual selection theory of music.

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